About Lia’s Page


Come in, sit down, pull up a chair and lets share some tea.

I always have these ideas… these visions of grandeur, if you will.   I come up with an idea, I create a project plan, and soon thereafter it just fizzles out.  I am not sure exactly WHY this is.  Perhaps it is my lack of attention span.  It could be the fact that I work full time and attend college full time (yes, I am a late bloomer.)

Who knows??

What I DO know is that I have opinions.  Lots of them.  I used to be shy about sharing my opinion, for worry that I may upset someone or be met with “What the HECK do you know anyway?”  But you know what?  I am tired of keeping my big fat mouth shut and I want a new project to start.

Truth is, I am also tired of finding so many expert opinions on things written in ways that make us “regular” folk wonder what the hell they are talking about. I almost ALWAYS read product reviews when I buy anything.  But even then, it is hard to tell who REALLY purchased the product or who is workin’ on behalf of the seller/designer etc.

SO I thought to myself- LIA, you should share YOUR opinion on … justabouteverything.  Who knows? Maybe someone wants an every-day average opinion on just whatever.

and maybe not.    Shrug.  Who knows.

This site began (and still mostly is) as a neophyte’s journey down the rabbit hole of all things tea.   But I (again) wiped that idea and.. here I am.


If you would like your product/Service/Restaurant reviewed by Lia, also let me know in my contact form below.